Hi, I’m Grayson. I grew up in the suburbs north of Atlanta, and while I had tried all of the different camps (soccer, football, baseball, basketball, handball, cup-and-ball), my true dexterity showed in the form of 120 words-per-minute on a black rubber-dome keyboard, with the vertical text cursor blinking on a bright, buzzing CRT monitor. No, my gym coach was not very impressed, but my typing class teacher was ecstatic.

My interests were kickstarted at the age of 9 by my father establishing this very website domain. In a desperate attempt to not have my father write my online biography on my behalf (because how embarrassing), I quickly learned how to code basic HTML to create my own homepage and numerous fan pages for my interests at the time, which were uniquely Spongebob and Neopets.

As I refined my front-end skills, I began server-side scripting as a teenager, and began to create my own online services and develop websites for clientele.

What are you up to these days?

I currently am a developer, focused on the full-stack as both a hobbyist and also professionally at WarnerMedia, where I work on both the live and clip-based video encoding / infrastructure for subsidiaries such as CNN, NBA, Adult Swim, TNT, and a few more.

What do you like to do?

I manage my own home lab which is currently a Dell PowerEdge with my own router / firewall, and a Raspberry Pi running Pi-Hole.

I play guitar as a hobby and sometimes enjoy taking artistic, abstract photos of the sunset or a purple flower, and hopefully maybe one will win me a Pulitzer prize.

I recently have taken up running in the evenings as a way to burn energy and the quarter pounder I consumed earlier in the day.

Anyways, that’s me. If you ever have a question or need help with something, feel free to reach out. Yes, that’s my personal e-mail, I like you that much. Please don’t write it on a bathroom stall, I don’t want strangers having it.